Bringing Back Vintage Silhouettes!

Bringing Back Vintage Silhouettes!

Bringing Back Vintage Silhouettes!

Bringing Back Vintage Silhouettes!

Get to know our designed vintage inspired pieces!

Shopping for vintage clothing can be like opening a time capsule from grade school. There are decades of different styles and silhouettes to browse. A silhouette is just known as the outline of a garment. Throughout this article, you will gain knowledge to figure out which silhouette works best for you! 


The Kim Dress

The Kim Dress incorporates styles inspired by the 50’s, with a nod to timeless southern style. Some of the silhouettes that are highlighted on The Kim Dress is the generously sized bust space and carefully placed darts to cinch the waist in. A 1950’s silhouette usually requires a fit figure while still allowing generous room through the hip. Models and sketches from this era usually have an emphasis on a small waist contrasted with a round hip. The Kim Dress is also 100% cotton, making it the softest denim and is made in the USA!

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Available in Denim and Dark Denim


The Kim Dress in Blue Toile

This elevated yet still lightweight version of our Kim dress has everything you love about the original.  Generously sized in the bust along with carefully placed darts to cinch the waist, our Kim dress helps make the most of your figure with charm and sophistication. The blue piping trim runs along the customizable collar all the way to the hem, elongating your shape.

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The Sarah Dress

The Sarah Dress integrates elements from the 1960’s. This dress embodies a flowy, blousy fit and collar detail with puff sleeves. The 60’s was the time of the mini dress and the 20’s was a time for the drop waist. The Sarah Dress features the best of both with a modern twist. People of this decade were focused on legginess. The Sarah Dress is a classic that can be worn for years to come.

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Available in Black or Pink Toile



The Carol Dress

The Carol Dress follows trends from the 50’s! This dress is generously sized in the bust and hip area and the carefully placed darts enhance the feminine silhouette that is so flattering for all sizes. The full-skirted silhouette became a staple throughout the 1950’s. Broad shoulders and bust continue to make the waist look smaller. One of the details that really make this dress unique is the reversible, and detachable, belt that allows you to wear it with the solid or print to show!

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Available in Black and Pink Toile