When I was a little girl in Louisiana, I was mesmerized as I watched my grandmother lovingly and skillfully sew clothes for my dolls. That magical piece of my childhood stayed with me all my life and developed into a love and respect for beautiful and well-made garments.

While I never forgot all that my grandmother instilled in me, life took me in a different direction. I followed another passion—nursing—for 25+ years. When I finally retired and my daughter left home, I found myself at a crossroads. I still had so much to give to the world but wasn’t quite sure how to be of service.

One thing I was certain of is that I wanted to help the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home. It’s a local charity that’s near and dear to my heart as it provides services to children in crisis. Perhaps there was something I could do to support this organization and all the work they did to help children.

Still at a loss as to how to move forward, my family reminded me about my deeply-rooted love of fashion. I would take every opportunity to go into a clothing store to really feel the fabrics and appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of a design. My eye was consistently drawn to feminine styles with vintage silhouettes. From those early days at my grandmother’s knee to the elation I felt choosing the dress I wore to my daughter’s wedding, fashion and style brought me joy and reaffirmed the idea that looking good helped you feel good. Just as doing good always did. 

Sitting by the shores of my beloved backyard lake, I knew it was time to start a new adventure. As I pondered a way to link these two interests together, ideas began clicking into place . . . and The Lake Lady Boutique was born.

I would carefully curate brands and styles with the Southern woman in mind:  genteel elegance and simplicity, but never boring. Bright hues and patterns enlivening the classic lines of traditional southern dressing. Always refined with vintage-inspired, feminine touches, and keeping the door open for modern takes on time-honored favorites.

The Lake Lady Boutique is dedicated to the woman who embraces the southern approach to dressing. It’s my fondest wish that all who enter my digital storefront find the perfect outfit to enhance their individual beauty. With 10% of all proceeds going to the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home, beauty is as beauty does.